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In a national gathering on ways to promote healthy administrative strategies:

President highlights importance of fighting corruption

President Hassan Rouhani here on Monday highlighted the importance of fighting corruption as well as efforts to overcome unemployment, inflation and recession.

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Mon 08 - December 2014 - 10:18

President made the remarks in his opening address to a national gathering on ways to promote healthy administrative strategies.
He said monopoly was one contributor to growth of corruption and said the public demands practical, impartial and firm action against the evil phenomenon.
President has called on all administrators in Iran to take decisive measures in combating corruption in the government.
President Rouhani stressed that problems would not be tackled if the government did not engage in a decisive battle against corruption.
“There is only two cases in regard to the existence of corruption in a country,” added Dr.Rouhani, “either the administrators are aware of corruption but do not stand up against it, which in turn makes them conspirators and undermines the whole system, or that they are not aware of it or are incapable of fighting it, which then makes the government appear inefficient.”
While noting that for the system to be either corrupt or inefficient means the government’s failure in reaching one of the most important objectives of the Revolution, President Rouhani called on all administrators as well as the public to play a more active role in combating corruption.
“The fact that the Leader has placed the issue of corruption alongside poverty and discrimination, and has called on everyone to take measures in eliminating these social problems indicates the significance of this goal for all administrators,” said Dr.Rouhani.
Dr.Rouhani called monopoly a cause for corruption and added, “The segregation of different kinds of power such as the media, money, arms and propaganda is to prevent corruption. For this purpose, we have prohibited the presence of armed forces within the Ministry of Intelligence. That is why there are three branches of government (Executive, Legislative and Judiciary) today in Iran; to prevent monopoly and control the power.”

news id: 82885

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