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President in a ceremony to celebrate the National Student Day:

Student movements beyond partisan considerations

President Hassan Rouhani said university student movement in Iran is beyond partisan or factional considerations.

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Sun 07 - December 2014 - 12:13

President made the remark here Sunday morning while addressing a gathering of students in Iran Medical Sciences University to celebrate the National Student Day.
President Rouhani promised financial facilities to Iranian exporters.
Addressing a Majlis session, he said various plans are being carried out to help exporting bodies and companies to gain access to the fore resources they need.
He stressed that his government have a specific program to overcome the economic recession and launch an economic boom based on the principles of the resistance economy.
President Rouhani said that the world will believe in Iran during the negotiations.
Referring to very good measures to reduce inflation, he added that his government intended to reduce the inflation rate next year, less than 20%.
President Hassan Rouhani said he would remain faithful to the promises and will do his best to fulfill his promises about the revival of the economy, the moral restoration to society and constructive interaction with the world.
In another part of his speech, he pointed to foreign policy. "Iran will not give up even one iota of its inalienable rights and national interests, no matter what happens," the president said.
President Rouhani said: "Today, as before, we will continue our resistance on the path of national interests and objectives of the country and our religion."
Highlighting the situation of Iran in the global era, the president said that the 5 + 1 countries seeking more constructive interaction with Iran.
Today, the whole world admits the serious and progressing nature of Iran's nuclear talks and nobody doubts it any longer, he noted.

news id: 82860

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