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President in Golestan Province:

Iran is the area of development for the region and the world / Time of extremism and police state is over

President Hassan Rouhani said on Tuesday that Iran would be the area of development for the region and the world.

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Tue 02 - December 2014 - 12:48

President made the remarks here in this northeastern province on Tuesday while addressing a gathering of local people.
“Do not doubt that the P5+1 countries, the Western world, the Eastern world and the region all need to have constructive interaction with Iran,” he said.
He said 15 very important steps have been taken by his government in the past 15 months (since he took office) towards a nuclear agreement.
He said presently Iran is in a stage where the world has come to accept Iran's views about the basic principles of its nuclear program.
Now the world has accepted the fact that enrichment is going to take place inside the Iranian territory, the President noted.
He added that the world has also accepted continuation of works in Arak and Fordo sites and conducting nuclear research.
Moreover, President Rouhani stressed, the world is now admitting that it is time to end unfair sanctions against the Iranian nation.
He said the Iranian nation considers it as an inalienable right to have sanctions removed and gain access to advanced technology including the nuclear ones.
President Hassan Rouhani said the time of extremism and police state is over.
He said he would remain faithful to the promises he made during his presidential campaign.
President said he will do everything in his power to materialize his promises about reviving the country's economy, restoring morale to the society and leading constructive interaction with the world.
Elsewhere in his remarks, he said he is to present the next year budget without any deficits to the parliament in the coming week.
President Rouhani said the country was definitely moving forward in the path of progress and prosperity.
He said Iran was focusing on increasing interaction with the world countries especially neighboring ones.
He pointed out that presidents of the neighboring countries of Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan are to arrive here on Wednesday to open a railway which connects Iran with the two countries and thus to Central Asia.

news id: 82741

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