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President in visiting family of martyred nuclear scientist:

Martyred nuclear scientists are symbol of resistance

President Hassan Rouhani described the martyred nuclear scientists as the symbols of resistance in the path to the country’s progress and pride.

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Wed 26 - November 2014 - 22:06

President Rouhani visited the family of martyred Iranian nuclear scientist Majid Shahriari on Wednesday and paid tribute to him.
President blamed Iran’s enemies for his assassination and said: “Their main purpose was intimidating our youths and scientists and making them abandons this path. But today, our youths continue their efforts in this path with more determination and seriousness,” said the Iranian president.
President Rouhani described martyr Shahriari as a prominent nuclear scientist and said, “The enemy had deliberately targeted these significant figures to drive our scientists away from the nuclear path and force them to surrender. But our youth today are pursuing this path more determined than ever.”
While noting the coinciding of Shahriari’s martyrdom anniversary with Iran’s recent nuclear talks, he said, “During the Vienna talks, we managed to take a step forward to fulfill the rights of Iranian people.”
“A lot of works and efforts have been put into the field of nuclear research and technology for over two decades,” said Dr.Rouhani, “and during this time, and in spite of world powers’ plots to thwart our efforts, we have gained very good achievements.”
President Rouhani asserted that at the beginning Iran had asked other countries to provide it with nuclear fuel, “but they had refused to provide us with this technology. However, the measures taken over these past twenty years have shown Iran's will to obtain this technology on its own. We have paid a lot to be where we are right now, and we must endeavor to reduce the costs and proceed in the path of our country’s scientific development.”

news id: 82672

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