Cooperation between two countries investors from the private sector guarantee two nations’ interests

President Hassan Rouhani said that cooperation between the two sides' investors from the private sector will guarantee their interests.

Thu 13 - November 2014 - 11:08

President Rouhani made the remarks in a meeting with members of Iran- Azerbaijan Chamber of Commerce and in the presence of the two sides' businessmen and investors.
Western countries have never been reliable partners for continued economic cooperation because they under tough situations and under various pretexts trample upon their own interests and those of their partners, said President Rouhani.
"Economic sanctions have taught us to give priority to establishing economic relations with neighboring states," underlined the president.
In the opinion of the two sides’ officials, establishment of closer ties and cooperation between the two countries' private sectors could guarantee the two nations' interests.
The win-lose policy will not last long and all should change their approach and choose a win-win policy to make an everlasting achievement, he said.
The Islamic Republic of Iran could successfully curb soaring inflation and change the negative trend of economic growth to a positive one, Dr.Rouhani said.
A united nation could stand up to big powers and prove its capability, he said.
Iran and Azerbaijan share common culture, religion and history which prepare the grounds for expansion of broad based economic and commercial cooperation, he said.
Iran seeks restoration of stability and security to the entire region as well as the world, believing that issues such as extremism, terrorism and political and ethical rifts are very harmful to the regional countries and therefore all should exercise vigilance to this end.
"Why those countries which used to be at odds with each other for many years and engaged in devastating wars have now formed the European Union and have adopted a unified economic policy but why cannot Iran and Azerbaijan which share many cultural and historical commonalties come closer to each other and broaden their ties?" he asked.
"I believe that both Iran and Azerbaijan are determined enough to broaden all-out relations and cooperation," Dr. Rouhani said.
The Islamic Republic of Iran was the first country to recognize Azerbaijan's independence and has always supported the country, he said.
During wartime and hardship Iran fully backed Azerbaijan and if the same situation happens in the future, Iran will never hesitate to support Azerbaijan, President Rouhani said.
By easing issuance of visas to both sides' nationals, it will be possible to increase exchange of economic delegations between the two countries, he said.
Iran has invaluable experiences in oil and gas fields which can be put at the disposal of the Azeri people, he said.
President Rouhani said: “The two sides should help exploit oil and gas fields in the Caspian Sea region to serve the two nations' interests.”

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