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President in a meeting with the new ambassador of Turkey:

Regional Security and stability in the interests of Tehran- Ankara

President Hassan Rouhani referring to common historical, religious and cultural of the two nations, the president said that security and stability in the region is in the interests of Tehran and Ankara.

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Mon 27 - October 2014 - 14:12

Tehran and Ankara have common interests in regional and global issues, Dr.Rouhani said the president during the meeting with the new Ambassador of Turkey.
President added that the geographic boundaries should remain in this case, respecting the territorial integrity neighboring countries.
Highlighting the Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s visit of Iran, President Rouhani said that the formation of the Supreme Council strategic between the two governments may be the important step in strengthening bilateral relations.
Presenting his credentials to President Rouhani, the new Turkish ambassador said he would do his best to resolve the issues and find solutions in order to promote the level of relations.
Turkey considers the group Daesh as a serious threat, and confront with their attempts to locate in Iraq and Syria, he reiterated.

news id: 82118

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