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President at the joint session of cabinet members and parliamentarians:

Government and Parliament have the same opinion in solving problems

President Hassan Rouhani stating that in some national and civil issues must be unified said that fortunately, the government and parliament have the same opinion in resolving the problems of the country.

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Tue 07 - October 2014 - 23:00

President said at a gathering of cabinet members and parliamentarians at Iran’s Majlis (Parliament) on Tuesday.
President Rouhani reiterated that troubles and problems of the region is one topic of deliberation between government and parliament.
“The regional developments and recent unrests are one of the axes of consultations between the Government and the Parliament,” said President Rouhani.
President has emphasized that Iran has always assisted regional countries, especially Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Afghanistan aimed at strengthening regional security, and will, God willing, continue to do so.
He added that on the country’s nuclear program, too, Iran is busy negotiating at the time, and the Islamic Republic will definitely move within the framework of sound wisdom.
President said that the world yields to this logic and the majority of the world countries have accepted that imposing the sanctions against Iran had been and unjust move and that the peaceful nuclear program of the Islamic Republic is functioning under the full supervision of the agency,” he added.
President said that it will benefit the Government, since such sessions will lead to further proximity of the thoughts and harmony in the programs, hoping that such meeting will also continue in the future to safeguard the national interests.
“Hearing the people’s representatives’ viewpoints is a blessing for us and the government, too, speaks of the issues that it deems as important programs for the future in such meeting to know the MPs’ reactions to them,” said President Rouhani.
President said that the world should know that the Islamic Republic of Iran’s officials have the ability to solve the issues even under current economic hardships through ‘cooperation and coordination.’
“Positive growth in construction budget, stability in the market, general willingness by foreign investors to return to Iran, and emphasis by the EU nuclear negotiators to solve the nuclear issue all indicated government’s success in different aspects,” Dr. Rouhani asserted.
About his visits to New York with western leaders about nuclear issues, Dr.Rouhani said that in meeting with EU leaders, “I found them very eager to solve nuclear issue immediately. This was evident in their gestures and demeanor,” he added, believing that Iran and G5+1 have developed an agreement about fundamentals of the nuclear issue.
“They have accepted Arak heavy water complex or the fact of enrichment, or Fordow nuclear facility; we have addressed and eliminated their concerns over military centers as well; the only issue is on the details of all these issues they’ve recognized as Iran’s rights,” president said to parliamentarians.
About Iran’s role in solving issues and meeting crisis in the region, President Rouhani emphasized that no power would claim to set aside Iran from international equations, since “it is impossible, and the public would not believe if ever such claims were made.”

news id: 81748

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