President’s speech on National Day of Village

On National Day of Village Iran’s president has urged more attentions to the country’s villages especially the border countries.

Mon 06 - October 2014 - 12:12

President Hassan Rouhani said villages are of honor for the country and added that economy and agriculture are two important items regarding villages in addition to the culture.
President Rouhani said that village means purity, honesty and sincerity among people who are brethren and kind without hostility.
He further said that Iranian villages are important not only for their agricultural resources but for huge cultural heritage and rituals.
He pointed to the villagers’ great efforts during the Sacred Defense (imposed Iraqi war upon Iran) and said their efforts were prominent for the country.
President Rouhani also mentioned Fordow village as a source of science and symbol of peaceful nuclear technology.
President asserted that the border villages are like safeguards for the country and urged more attentions to them.
He noted that villages located close to borderlines play a deterrent role against enemies, adding that people of such villages are both border duelers and border guards.
Given the sensitive role of borderline villages, President Rouhani called on officials to make greater efforts to help their development.

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