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President among Iranian professors and university students residing in America:

Iran seek multilateralism, interaction

President noted that "Hope" is basis for all scientific, researching, cultural and economic activities.

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Sat 27 - September 2014 - 19:15

President Hassan Rouhani Saturday morning (local time) made the remarks among Iranian professors and university students residing in America.
He said that during the course of the past year a stable and calm atmosphere has been established in Iran’s economic scene, adding, “A hopeful and joyful society has been established in Iran and it is the government’s duty both to preserve the people’s hope and to provide opportunities for the people’s rapid progress.”
Dr.Rouhani said that the presence of educated and elite Iranians abroad is an asset for the country that shows the realities of Iran in other countries.
President Rouhani added: “When the people have hope in their hearts they view the future brightly, everything works fine, and in this while the government’s job is to provide the appropriate conditions for smooth progress of the affairs.”
“The development and advancement of Iran is in need of the contributions of all Iranians inside Iran and abroad,” he said, adding, “Helping the motherland and love of Iran are gems that nothing is capable of replacing them.”
President Rouhani said that fight against Iranophobia is the duty of all Iranian inside Iran and abroad, including the overseas students and professors.
In the field of foreign policy, president said that we should interact with the world in the framework of our national interests.
He added that the people of Iran are not the people of war and aggression.

news id: 81438

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