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President in an interview with the CNN:

The only way to reach the agreement is a dialogue

President Hassan Rouhani in the interview said that threats and sanctions will lead nowhere and the only way to reach an agreement is dialogue.

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Fri 26 - September 2014 - 21:32

Iran is very serious in nuclear talks, president said in the interview with the CNN on the sidelines of the 69th annual session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York on Friday.
Referring to disagreements in nuclear negotiations, President said that disagreements must be resolved as soon as possible to drive opportunities for the interests of the region and the world.
By reaching to the agreement, the sanctions should be lifted and Iran should have the right like other NPT members, he noted.
Responding in a question on the flexibility of Iran on the nuclear issue, president said“Since the previous negotiations until today, we have really shown the required flexibility and now it is the other side’s turn to show flexibility, so that the issue can be resolved.”
“The time remaining to reach an agreement is short and the progress we have witnessed over the past days has been very very slow; it needs to be faster, so that we can reach the agreement based on the realities,” said president.
Dr.Rouhani noted that any nuclear deal should recognize Tehran’s right to enrichment on Iranian soil and include total removal of sanctions against the country.
Iran seeks a win-win agreement which both guarantees the Iranian nation’s rights and allays the concerns of other countries, he said.
In another part, the president said that Iran is the first country that helped the people of Iraq to fight against Daesh.
Terrorism has become as major issue in the region, and it is up to everyone to give hands for a world without violence and extremism, he added.
Insisting that it is the people of a country that decides to his fate, the president reiterated the need to allow the people to participate and comment on political and social issues.
Stressing the inflation in recent years the president said his administration is determined to decrease economic inflation.

news id: 81416

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