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Dr.Rouhani in an interview with PBS TV Network:

Creating a new terrorist group may never end terrorism

President Rouhani in an interview with PBS TV Network said that if the P5+1 will accept the rights of Iranian nation, conditions change very soon.

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Wed 24 - September 2014 - 20:17

Dr.Rouhani said in response to a question on Iran-US ties that their relations were tense and even antagonistic over the past decades, but we believe that these tensions should be resolved one day.
He said that good ties between the nations are better than distancing and from where the ties should start and what opportunities should be seized.
Highlighting the pressures adopted against the nation, the president said that the Iranians did not give up their rights.
The solution is dialogue and negotiation, noted the President added.
He added that Iran is serious about negotiations and cooperation based on its legitimate right.
President further noted that his country is determined to reach a deal and believes that failure to reach an agreement will not benefit anyone.
Referring to the terms of a win-win result president noted that all members of NPT should have the equal right with mutual respect, and we do not accept discrimination.
In response to a question about the bombing in Syria, the president describes as incomprehensible, the objective of this American action.
President Hassan Rouhani described the US-led airstrikes on Syria as illegal, and added that central government in the war-torn country should be assisted in its fight against terrorists.
President said that first of all stability should be restored in the country “which is not possible without helping the central government”.
President said it is paradoxical that a country says it wants to fight a terrorist group in Syria but on the other hand creates armed terrorist groups to fight the central government.
He added that the hegemony of the great powers and injustice in the region has led to the war and conflict among people.

news id: 81298

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