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President Meets UK Prime Minister in New York

President Hassan Rouhani discussed ties and regional issues with UK Prime Minister David Cameron in a landmark meeting on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly summit in New York on Wednesday.

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Wed 24 - September 2014 - 20:59

The two sides discussed Iran's nuclear issue, danger of terrorism in Syria and Iraq as well as bilateral relations.
President Rouhani said that Iran's government wants a constructive interaction with the world upon mutual respect and wishes to have good relations and developed ties with Britain.
President continued that Iranian and British businessmen have had good trade relations since long time ago and called for facilitation for both countries citizens transport and promotion of scientific and cultural ties.
Referring to elaborated talks between Iran and Group 5+1 on nuclear issue, Dr.Rouhani said Iran has serious intention to reach a comprehensive result in negotiations and continuation of peaceful nuclear activities in the framework of NPT.
He said the International Atomic Energy Agency has verified Iran’s compliance with the terms of the accord it struck with the six world powers in Geneva.
All members of NPT should have the equal right with mutual respect, and we do not accept discrimination, he has noted.
He added that Iran has always had a transparent cooperation with International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and stressed that reports of the agency inspectors indicated that Iran's activities have had no deviation.
president expressed hope that with good intention of negotiating countries a comprehensive agreement be achieved.
He pointed out that way of imposing sanctions has had no use, but only damage for all sides, while ending sanctions and beginning of an agreement can help expanded and sustainable relations between all sides.
President Rouhani underlined that the two sides should use past experiences for building future, adding that all NPT members should have equal rights and discrimination is not acceptable.
He stressed that a sustainable agreement which observes nations' rights could be achieved and humiliation of a nation would not help anyone.
Rouhani added that if Group 5+1 has necessary flexibility, agreement would be accessible in a reasonable time and among its benefits is confidence building, which could be a base for development of cooperation in other fields.
President Rouhani also pointed to fatwa of Iran's Supreme Leader as the biggest guarantee for non-deviation of peaceful nuclear activities.
Referring to insecurity and instability caused by the barbaric acts of the terrorist groups and by referring to necessity of drying roots of terrorists activity, Rouhani said we should accept that terrorist activities are not beneficial for anybody and terrorism is not a suitable tool to achieve political interests.
President Rouhani said that for fighting against terrorism, there is need for cooperation; terrorists should be followed and their activities should be observed and those countries which provide money and arms for them should be confronted.
Cameron, for his part, referred to disagreements between Iran and Britain in recent years and said that opportunity to rebuild bilateral ties between Iran and the west is important, adding that there is great capacity in the field of economy and scientific issues for cooperation and talk between the two countries.
The British premier said that Iran, like all other countries, has the right to use peaceful nuclear energy and said Iran's serious intention to access a comprehensive nuclear agreement is positive.
He also praised Iran's help for establishment of a new government in Iraq.

news id: 81247

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