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President in the meeting with American political elites :

Agreement will achieve a win- win result

The president said that the agreement will be resolved in a balanced way if the other side would be serious about negotiations and he emphasizing that the policy of threat and intimidation will not pay off.

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Wed 24 - September 2014 - 16:15

Dr.Rouhani told a group of American political elites , ahead of the 69th annual session of the UN General Assembly in New York.
Dr.Rouhani said in response to a question on Iran-US ties that their relations were tense and even antagonistic over the past decades. But it should be evaluated to see the benefits and detriments of the hostile policies.
Roots of tenses in Iran-US ties should be identified and removed, he said, noting that good ties between the nations are better than distancing and from where the ties should start and what opportunities should be seized can be a topic of debate for the elites.
“What matters in [Iran’s] nuclear case is that all parties sit down at the negotiating table. Positive thinking requires us to only think about negotiations. Threat is not constructive but is provocative. Sanctions and threats incite any nation. Threatening the Iranian nation is futile.”
He described the ongoing nuclear talks between Iran and P5+1 over Tehran’s nuclear program as an opportunity to pave the way for better relations among world nations.
Dr.Rouhani also referred to the November 24 deadline for Iran to clinch a comprehensive nuclear deal with the six world powers, stating that an agreement would be possible should both sides demonstrate strong resolve.
"Confidence-building is more significant than the nuclear issue," he said, noting that if the issue helps promote confidence-building, it can bring about more successes.
He added that Iran is serious about negotiations and cooperation based on its legitimate right.
He said that we do not want anything more than our right; including enrichment for peaceful purposes.
President further noted that his country is determined to reach a deal and believes that failure to reach an agreement will not benefit anyone.
He said the International Atomic Energy Agency has verified Iran’s compliance with the terms of the accord it struck with the six world powers in Geneva, saying if Iran’s negotiating partners try to build more confidence and do not seek to deny the Iranian nation its nuclear rights, it would not be difficult to conclude a comprehensive deal over Tehran’s nuclear energy program.
President Hassan Rouhani described the US-led airstrikes on Syria as illegal, and added that central government in the war-torn country should be assisted in its fight against terrorists.
He expressed dismay about escalation of violence and extremism in the region, and said that terrorism and violence pose threats to the region and the entire world.
He expressed pleasure over establishment of the new Iraqi government, saying that however, all of the problems have not yet been resolved because if they were solved ISIS was not able to capture swaths of the Iraqi territory.

news id: 81234

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