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President in a meeting with directors of US media in New York:

The bombardment, without the legal backing can be considered as an aggression

President Hassan Rouhani described the US-led airstrikes on Syria as illegal, and added that central government in the war-torn country should be assisted in its fight against terrorists.

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Tue 23 - September 2014 - 17:32

Speaking on Tuesday in a meeting with directors of US media in New York, Dr.Rouhani said the airstrikes were violation of international laws.
President Hassan Rouhani condemning the air strikes and bombing countries without permission of UN Security Council on Tuesday said that bombing a country has legal regulations or should be within the framework of Security Council resolutions or the authorities of a country which had been bombed have formally asked for help.
“Bombardment by one or several countries or even one coalition is meaningless without legal basis and can be considered as [an act of] aggression,” Dr.Rouhani said.
President Hassan Rouhani noted that Syria has suffered the most from terrorist attacks and said, “terrorists do not respect political borders; they will continue harassing people wherever they are, violating laws, and attacking women and children, and these brutalities cannot be tolerated.”
President Rouhani stated, “Syrian people and government have withstood the most harm from terrorist attacks and want to uproot terrorists.”
Dr.Rouhani said that Syrian government and the people want to get rid of terrorists, because they have suffered most harm and damage by terrorists.
President questioned Washington’s contradictory conduct regarding terrorists in Syria.
“Is it not paradoxical that a country (the US) says it wants to fight a terrorist group in Syria (on the one hand) but on the other hand creates armed terrorist groups to fight the central government (in Syria)?” Rouhani wondered.
He underlined that such an approach will "definitely not end in success".
Asked how terrorism should be dealt with in Syria, the Iranian president said that first of all stability should be restored in the country “which is not possible without helping the central government”.
He reiterated that terrorism should be uprooted and ground should be prepared for the return of Syrian refugees to their country.
Responding to a question posed by a US newsman president ruled out any possible meeting with the US president, saying, any meeting at president level requires necessary preparations which sometimes takes several weeks.
Referring to his phone conversation with Obama last year, President Rouhani said that the conversation aimed at settlement of the dispute over Iran's nuclear program and that resolving the dispute would lead to further cooperation between Iran and the US.
The president said that prolonging the nuclear talks has added to historical pessimism of the Iranian nation vis-a-vis the behavior of the West and the US, which he said created an obstacle on the way of immediate cooperation between the two countries on different regional and international issues.
Finding a settlement to Iran's nuclear dispute with Washington would critically change the relations between Iran and the United States, the president added.
Dr.Rouhani said that reaching a final deal on Iran's nuclear issue would undoubtedly give a boost to Tehran-Washington cooperation so that the two countries would cooperate on the fight against terrorism and restoring peace and security in the highly sensitive region of the Middle East.

news id: 81134

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