It’s funny that the countries that have supported the terrorist groups have suddenly seek campaign against them/ Need for exclusion of word ˈsanctionˈ from intˈl relations jargon

President Hassan Rouhani made the comment Monday evening in a meeting with the Slovak Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Miroslav Lajcak, Turning to the history of the two countries' relations, Dr.Rouhani said that they had once been very positive and constructive, calling for the development and expansion of comprehensive ties to serve both nations' interests.

Mon 15 - September 2014 - 19:54

'Although in the course of the previous years due to the unjustly imposed embargoes the level of the bilateral relations had somehow decreased, but the present day conditions can be the harbinger of a very good beginning for re-starting and development of the bilateral ties in economic, scientific and cultural fields,' said the president.
Referring to the criminal acts of the terrorists in Syria and Iraq, as well as the sorrowful conditions of Palestinians in Gaza, President said that there are numerous concerns about regional conditions and developments.
'Massacre of innocent people in this region by terrorists is both very sorrowful and a cause for serious concern, although such concerns are not exclusively limited to Middle East region. Insecurity and disability in other parts of the world, too, is very worrying,' said president Rouhani.
President Rouhani said that terrorism is a growing global threat, reiterating that the funny part of the story is that sarcastically the countries that have nurtured facilitated and financially supported the terrorist groups have suddenly emerged as the pioneers in the campaign against those terrorist groups.
'Of course, we believe any country that would frankly announce that it is from now on determined to fight against terrorism their repentance should be accepted,' added President Rouhani.
He emphasized that regardless of some mottoes chanted about the campaign against terrorism, it is a need of the day today that the world nations will unite hand in hand aimed at uprooting terrorism, and at least there should be a solid and loud call against terrorism in the world.
Focusing on other issues on which Iran and Slovakia can consult on and cooperate in the international scene, President Rouhani said, 'Although Slovakia is not a member of the 5+1G, but it is a member of the EU and it can therefore be effective in being fruitful of the nuclear negotiations and in achieving a comprehensive agreement in time.'
Iran is serious in nuclear talks and hopes for seriousness of other side to achieve tangible results in remaining time, and also hoes for exclusion of the word sanction from the jargon of international relations, stressed president.
'Particularly more so in case of the blind sanctions on such items as food stuff, medicine and the medical facilities that affect the ordinary peoples' lives,' he added.
The president stressed that the WMD, including the nuclear weapons, are extremely hazardous, and therefore they should be wiped off from the whole world.
'We believe the Middle East must be declared as WMD-free, and especially a nuclear weapons-free region, and the Islamic Republic of Iran presented the related proposal to the UN many years ago,' said president.
'We have numerous times, and very clearly announced that we consider the possession of the nuclear weapons and whole weapons mass destruction as inappropriate acts, but we meanwhile recognize every country's right to be benefited from peaceful nuclear energy,' said President Rouhani.
The Slovak Foreign Minister Lajcak, too, for his part expressed delight to be the first top diplomat of his country to visit Iran within the past 15 years, noting that his visit's top objective is the expansion of bilateral ties and a sign for the Slovak side's seriousness for strengthening of relations with Iran.
The Slovak deputy prime minister said that another objective of his visit was boosting his country's regional cooperation, reiterating that the world security conditions have deteriorated and are therefore in need of tackling crisis resolving ways in consultations among the world leaders.
Mr. Lajcak, announced that a third objective of his visit of Tehran was strengthening the international cooperation for resolving the existing world crises.
He referred to the win-win strategy of Iran in its nuclear negotiations with the six world powers, expressing hope that although the nuclear talks are tough and sensitive, 'there are chances that the win-win strategy will work and everyone will be able to be benefited from it.'
The Slovak foreign minister, too, said that his country uses the nuclear energy in economic field and believes that every country in the world must be able to use the nuclear technology for peaceful purposes.
He expressed hope that the word sanctions to be eliminated from the world's political lexicons and replaced with the word cooperation.
Expressing deep worry about the expansion of the terrorism phenomenon in the region and the world, the Slovak foreign minister said that his country believes the entire capacities of all world countries, especially Iran, needed to be used in campaign against terrorism.

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