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President in the Academy of Science of Tajikistan:

"Cultural Iran" has no historical and geographical boundaries / Revival of Islamic culture for new generation

Stating that "Cultural Iran" has no historical and geographical border, the president said "Persian is the language of peace and whoever speaks this language regardless of his/her nationality is an honorary citizen of Iran."

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Wed 10 - September 2014 - 23:03

President said while addressing a group of academics and elites here in Tajikistan.
Everyone who is familiar with the Persian language and can understand the language of Hafez, Ferdowsi and Molana is an Iranian citizen."
"Cultural Iran" is much broader than "political Iran" as the cultural meaning Iran has a history whose boundaries are not political or military barriers; it is the Persian language and literature, said the president Rouhani.
He said the Iranian-Islamic culture is based on three principles including "moderation, love of humanity and preventing prejudice."
Later in his remarks, the Iranian president Later in his remarks, the Iranian president referring to a series of diversionary activities
who kill innocent human beings in the name of religion and jihad. "These people are far from Islamic culture, he has concluded.
He said in the contemporary world, security of each single nation is linked with security of others.
"Therefore all regional states should work together for further development of the Islamic civilization," he noted.
Referring to a number of presian-language regional states, the President said Iran, Tajikistan and Afghanistan as well as a large part of Indian peninsula and Central Asia are all pieces of a rich civilization.
Noting that Iran has made great achievements in all scientific fields, he voiced Tehran's readiness to share experiences with "its friendly and neighboring states," Tajikistan in particular as the two nations share common language and civilization.
President Rouhani also criticized certain terrorist groups such as Taliban and Daesh (ISIS) noting that they are fighting against humanity and the Islamic culture.
They have no idea of the real concept of Islam and are fighting the religion under the guise of Islam and Islamic State, said the President.

news id: 80770

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