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Iran Kazakh presidents stressed:

Volume of economic exchanges between Iran and Kazakhstan will increase five times more

President of Islamic republic of Iran and his Kazakh counterpart stressed on Tuesday that Volume of economic exchanges between Iran and Kazakhstan will increase five times more.

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Tue 09 - September 2014 - 12:25

The Iranian president and president Nazarbayev said that the increasing five times more
Of the volume of economic exchanges of the two countries will soon be reached through the decisions made at meetings between delegations of the two countries.
President Hassan Rouhani pointed out that during the last year, this is the fourth meeting of the two presidents, said during the meeting, industry and investment Kazakh companies in Iran and on the contrary, and the future of the customs union and the monetary and banking relations with Iran were discussed at the meeting.
Iran calls for expansion of cooperation of two countries in academic and Tourism, he added.
Emphasizing regional and global issues, the president Rouhani said our region faces major problems of Afghanistan to Palestine which necessitate the cooperation of Iran and Kazakhstan.
President referring to regional and international issues said that our region has a lot of issues from Afghanistan to Palestine which resolving these issues and to achieve lasting stability need close cooperation between Iran and Kazakhstan.
President referring to 5+1 talks said that Kazakhstan as a friend and brother has consistently supported Iran.
The president pointed to the issues of environment and protection of the Caspian Sea, said we had the extensive negotiations on this subject and foreign ministers of the two countries are scheduled to discuss and exchange their views on the issues before the meeting of Astrakhan, Russia.
Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev, for his part, said the two countries are determined to increase the volume of trade between Iran and Kazakhstan to 5 times more than the current volume.
Kazakh President also called for the development of bilateral relations.
On the role of Kazakhstan in nuclear talks with Iran and 5 +1, he expressed hope that the negotiations will soon reach the result, adding that Kazakhstan will not hesitate to work for the success of these negotiations.

news id: 80626

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