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President in a meeting with elites and academics in Khorasan Razavi province:

Learning sciences, technology and knowledge is the key to resolve problems/ Government not afraid of threats

President Hassan Rouhani said on Sunday that "Learning sciences, technology and knowledge is the key to resolve problems in the country."

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Sun 07 - September 2014 - 13:50

He made the remarks in a meeting with elites and academics in this northeastern provincial capital city.
President Rouhani stressed his government is not afraid of anyone or any power in their fight against corruption.
He said Iranian genius academics and scientists should introduce their plans to eradicate corruption and help national development.
The president noted that problems should be met "by scientific plans not by words."
He referred to "electronic government" as one of the scientific solutions to fight corruption.
Criticizing the idea of separating Iranian men and women in public places including universities and work places, president Rouhani said "Separation is not an answer to cultural problems.
"In order to promote ethics in the society, we must learn scientific methods to deal with our young generation.
"Walls and (anti-Internet) filters are not the answers" to the young generation, said the president, adding, "In the present time, we have no choice but to convince our young generation. The use of force is not a solution to their problems and questions."
President Rouhani stressed that Islam "is not a religion of hardship and difficulties. It is not a complicated religion. We must find scientific solutions for our problems."
President Rouhani urged Iranian scientists and elites to help his government overcome its problems in various economic, social and cultural fields.

news id: 80495

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