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President at the cabinet session:

Boosting science-based companies is government’s priority

President Hassan Rouhani here Sunday said, Iran’s successful presence in global competitions depends on well development of science-based companies, whose strengthening is among government’s policies and priorities.

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Sun 31 - August 2014 - 21:07

ˈFocusing on fundamental research works, moving along the barriers of sciences and evermore concentration on applied scientific works, especially in those fields that are the needs of the day of the country, such as water, electricity, new energies, oil and gas technology, environment, medical sciences and pharmacology, are our necessities,ˈ said the president addressing his cabinet ministers.
President Rouhani, too, emphasized the need to use the experience and cooperation of the other countries in the establishment and development of science parks, once again reiterating that the government seriously supports the science-based companies.

news id: 80286

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