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President in a meeting with Foreign Minister of Finland:

Iran red line is people's rights and our scientific development and research on nuclear fields

President Hassan Rouhani said in Tehran on Sunday that Tehran will proceed with talks with the G5+1 over its nuclear program with good intention.

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Sun 31 - August 2014 - 13:49

President made the remarks in a meeting with Finnish Foreign Minister Erkki Tuomioja in Tehran on Sunday.
President Rouhani said, ˈIf the G5+1 members are willing to continue talks with Iran within the frameworks of international regulations and seek trust-building and further transparency, we will also go ahead with the talks in favor of both sides and with good intention.ˈ
He said in the talks, the Islamic Republic of Iran seeks a win-win objective and the Iranian government has been trying to have serious, deep and constructive talks with the G5+1 states.
ˈToday also we are ready to continue the talks until reaching a final agreement and if the G5+1 intention in the talks is not to pile up pressure on Iran to prevent its scientific and technological progress, the way for agreement is open.ˈ
He noted that Iran will not accept any discriminatory approach which runs counter to international laws and wants to be provided with absolute rights alike other members of the International Atomic Energy Agency.
While emphasizing that the Geneva talks resulted in conclusion of a short-term deal which was later extended, the President said ˈOur red line is our scientific development and research on nuclear fields and Iran will by no means negotiate its defense potential, including its missile program.ˈ
ˈWe hope that Finland, as a member of the European Union, will be active and make efforts to end the loss-loss process and help both sides reach a final and fair agreement.ˈ
Dr.Rouhani, also Head of Supreme National Security Council, underscored that unilateral sanctions are against international regulations and against the European Union and Iran.
Noting that gone is the era of pressure on countries through sanctions, President Rouhani said, ˈOur country has since the beginning favored talks and reaching good agreements with the European states but suddenly the issue of sanctions was raised by the US which was not something good.ˈ
He said regional nations will welcome alliances which will maintain their independence and resist pressures by big powers including the US.
He once again voiced concern about spread of insecurity in the region and Europe and said disputes among countries should be settled through non-military means.
The President said differences among countries and groups inside borders of a country will inflicted the heaviest damage on innocent people as the world witnessed how a conflict in Europe claimed lives of innocent people aboard a Malaysian passenger plane.
He said violence and terrorism are other intricacies gripping the region and the world.
Criticizing double-standards of certain European states, President Rouhani said when terrorist groups were busy killing people in Syria, they were supported by certain countries but today they have adopted different stances on the issues.
President said in to eye of the Islamic Republic of Iran, terrorism anywhere in the world is condemned because lives of innocent people are important.
ˈFor the same reason, we are ready for cooperation with Finland and the European Union in the campaign against terrorism and helping people who are rendered homeless following devastating wars.ˈ
Terming Tehran-Helsinki relations as ˈpositiveˈ, the President said both countries should expand their relations at international and regional levels, upgrading mutual economic, scientific, cultural and environment cooperation.
He hoped that the visit by the Finnish foreign minister will provide an opportunity for further promotion of mutual ties.
For his part, Tuomioja said his country supports Iran’s attempts to reaching a final accord in nuclear talks.
ˈWe are happy with progress in the nuclear talks with Iran and will extend our all-out support for the negotiations.ˈ
He said normalization of Iran-EU relations under present juncture, when the world is facing serious problems, is necessary and ˈwe fully agree with you that the final result of the talks should be a win-win game for both sides.ˈ
He referred to operation of four nuclear power plants in his country and construction of a fifth one and said a country which is itself busy operating nuclear facilities cannot block peaceful use of nuclear energy by other countries.
He expressed concern over growing violence and massacre in Iraq, saying Daesh poses a threat to global security and stability. He urged that multilateral mechanism should be devised to tackle such problems.
The minister said Finland has been among opponents of arms supplies to those fighting against the Syrian government. ˈMeanwhile, we and the European partners came to the conclusion that we should send arms and military equipment to those fighting Daesh in Iraq because it would boost stability in the country.ˈ
He then said Finnish traders and companies are waiting for lifting of legal barriers to trade with Iran.
He asserted, ˈBesides trade, we are willing to upgrade our cooperation in the field of culture and exchange of visits between non-governmental institutions.ˈ

news id: 80275

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