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President in a press conference with domestic and foreign reporters:

Islamic Republic of Iran will resist any sanctions

President Hassan Rouhani said on Saturday that the government will vindicate the nation’s rights by intensive diplomatic campaign against the arbitrary sanctions.

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Sat 30 - August 2014 - 16:24

The president made the remarks in a press conference with domestic and foreign reporters on the last day of the Government Week.
President Rouhani said ˈIn case of honesty, we can reach agreement in the remaining opportunity and the tyrannical sanctions must be lifted.ˈ
He said that the path is a little a bit complicated.
ˈWe hope that we will reach agreement in the continuation of the path and the tyrannical sanctions must be lifted.ˈ
He underlined that the Islamic Republic of Iran will resist any sanctions.
He said, ˈThe new form of sanctions is illegal and unconstructive.ˈ
The President touched on foreign policy and said, ˈOur foreign policy aims to show real image of Iran and the Islamic Revolution to the world people and display the blessings of Islam to the world people.ˈ
ˈIranian people are men of ethics, morality and culture, wishing to lead peaceful co-existence with other nations. The reason is that in the past 100 to 200 years, Iran has not made any aggression on any country and has been only defendant to aggression, if any.ˈ
He said that the Islamic Republic of Iran is willing to have good and close ties with regional states, especially the neighboring ones.
ˈIn the past year, leaders of many countries traveled to Iran. I traveled to several countries as well. Iran seeks good neighborly ties with the neighbors and the regional states with unity and fraternity.ˈ
On the situation in the region, Dr.Rouhani asserted that Iran works on the basis of his WAVE (World Against Violence and Extremism) proposal raised and approved in previous summit of UN General Assembly.
He compared Zionist regime’s recent atrocities and to ISIL terrorists in Syria and Iraq and slammed the West for hypocrisy in their fight against terrorism. “Attacking terrorists on the pretext of protecting a country’s own citizens or embassy is not a true reason to fight terrorists.”
“US and Western kept silent and supported ISIL during some years of terrorists fighting against Syria, but now they claim fight against terrorism in the region.”
President Rouhani asserted that terrorism is a global issue and Iran welcomes and cooperates with any ‘real’ fight against terrorism in the region. Meanwhile he rejected any plan to cooperate with US in fighting terrorists in the region.
In response to questions about fresh US sanctions against Iran issued by Treasury Department, Dr. Rouhani strongly condemned the act and called US illegal sanctions ‘crime against humanity.’
He dubbed recent sanctions contradictory to ‘soul of negotiations’ and expressed hope it wouldn’t impact further talks.
"Besides, we basically believe that sanctions are illegal and wrong in essence and their form is also incorrect and unconstructive from our viewpoint," the Iranian president added.
“Iran continues to talks till an agreement is made,” said Dr.Rouhani and went on saying that “if an agreement is not reached, sanctions cannot remain like before.”
Answering a question on possibility of nuclear talks in presidential level, Dr.Rouhani rejected the possibility, said that he had no plan for meeting with Obama and reaffirmed that negotiation team is doing its job properly. “Iran negotiators enjoy support from Leader and the nation.”
Asked by NBC network if the new US sanctions would damage the chance for striking a final deal with the world powers, the president said other 5+1 member states have not taken any action that Iran could deem as a damage to the talks since the Geneva deal was signed in November, and "the United States is the only country that Iran holds deep doubts about its good will for the settlement of the nuclear standoff".
He once again reminded that the path of sanctions has proved to be wrong and would not yield any result, while it has been "harmful to all parties". "The path which used to be adopted was a lose-lose path, and today everyone is after a win-win game, although the negotiations are hard."
President Rouhani said there are, at least, three or four complex issues on the agenda of the talks which still need to go under further negotiations, including a series of talks later this week.
"We will continue the negotiations till we obtain results and we are hopeful that if the other side shows good will, we will be able to achieve understanding and agreement in the remaining period," the Iranian president reiterated.
President Rouhani said Iran would not stop the talks in retaliation for the new US sanctions, but Washington's move is a damage to "trust and honesty" as a pillar of the negotiations.
He said no matter Iran and the six world powers can work out a permanent and final deal by the deadline or not, the tight sanctions regime which was in place against Tehran a year ago cannot be revived.
President said the sanctions have already cracked and they cannot be mended.
He said for Iran, good relations with all the neighbors, including Saudi Arabia, are on agenda.
ˈWe want to have better relations with all the neighbors. Difference, if any, has nothing to do with our bilateral relations, rather, the differences we have about the region, ranging from North Africa to the Middle East, do still exist and may remain as well.ˈ
He said that of course, regional conditions are totally different with the past. ˈZionist regime suffered defeat in Gaza. Terrorists failed in Lebanon. Terrorists had tough failures in Syria and Iraq. Conditions in Pakistan and Afghanistan are not ideal and these are all issues which should be taken into consideration in minding the future. We are ready to hold talks with Saudi Arabia and reach understanding. Of course, difference of opinion on regional issues does exist and all of them might not be settled. However, this does not mean that if having close ties with a country, our opinion on the region will also be the same. Now we have very good and sincere ties with Turkey but our opinion on Syria with is not similar. So, we can have good and sincere ties with Saudi Arabia. At the same time, on certain points our views might not be similar.ˈ
President Rouhani said that in meetings with Chinese President on the sidelines of and during the Shanghai session in Kyrgyzstan the expansion of mutual ties was stressed.
ˈWe have held talks and met twice until now and definitely we will have other meetings in the future. Some of our targets for expansion of relations have been met and we are to attain other goals following the talks.ˈ
He said there was agreement in the Shanghai session to form six working groups with each group following up its own plan in the coming months so that the agreement will be drafted for the summit with the Chinese President in the future.ˈ
ˈOf course, if we reach an agreement with the G5+1, the conditions will be more different and it will be much easier to expand economic relations with all countries including China.ˈ
He then said under current conditions, one of the countries having good cooperation with Iran at a time when Tehran is under sanctions was China and we expanded cooperation in the past one year and bilateral ties will expand as well in light of the agreements to be reached in the future.
To a question on the Iran-Turkey relations, president expressed happiness over presidency of Turkish President Receb Teyyip Erdogan.
ˈIn the new era, we will have better relations with Turkey. We have difference of opinion with Turkey on the Syrian developments. No problem. We hope we will bring the differences to settlement.ˈ
The president said in the meantime that the government will take into consideration and implement the guidelines of the Supreme Leader in his meeting with the cabinet.
ˈAs for the issues about the previous years and their backlash in the present time, we will act within framework of the law and our yardstick is the law. If the judiciary has sentenced a person to a prison term and he/she are deprived of the social rights. Let’s say, if the court has deprived one of the social rights, we have nothing to do.ˈ
President Rouhani said this year, the government will concentrate all its efforts to get out of recession and ensure positive growth by the year end. ˈThe predictions are all on the same basis and God willing, this year, we will witness positive growth, leaving behind recession and entering the era of economic boom.ˈ
On government plan in the case of recession, he said the government’s detailed plan and package to get out of recession has 177 points, 30 points of which require submission of a law to Majlis while the remaining portion, has already been or will be ratified by the government for execution.
Noting that unemployment is a serious problem, the President hoped the targets in that connection will be attained by end of the year. ˈGod willing, by the year end, we will have good positive movement in the field of employment.ˈ
He said this year and at the end of last year, $10 billion was allocated for water and dredging projects.
On the economic policy of the government, President Rouhani said that inflation rate in Iran will reach less than 20 percent by end of the current Iranian calendar year of 1393 (to end on March 20, 2015).
He added that of course, government plans to ensure one-digit inflation in 1395 (2016-2017). ˈOur imagination is that God willing, we will meet the target and if the job is done that will be for the first ever in 40 years to have one-digit inflation.ˈ
He noted that the next point is recession, which is the most important economic issue.
ˈEfforts have been made to minimize negative growth in 1392 (2013-14) and in 1391 (2012-13) economic growth rate was minus 6.7 and in 1392 (2013-14) being minus 1.1 percent. We tried lower the negative growth to some extent.ˈ
He said that the statistics of the Central Bank of Iran which is a little a bit different with that by the Statistics Center and the minor differences have always been in place between the two statistics centers.ˈ
President Rouhani said, ˈWe will continue lowering inflation in the coming years.ˈ
ˈIn the field of energy, government has made lots of efforts to sell oil and gas liquids to the extent the country needed as you see we are under the sanctions.ˈ
Elaborating on the national gas output capacity, the president said that God willing 100 billion cubic meters will be added to the gas production this year and it will be the same next year. Also, we have plans to exploit the joint gas and oil fields with the neighboring states.ˈ
On performance of the government in agriculture, the president said that the situation in agriculture sector is better than the previous year.
ˈI mean the last cultivation year, i.e. from last October to this October.ˈ
He said more than 7 million tons of wheat has been purchased from the domestic farmers and another portion will be bought.
Thanks to the projects the Agricultural Jihad Ministry has commissioned, in the next four to five years, the agriculture sector will undergo major upheaval.

news id: 80236

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