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President in a meeting with the managers of Iran’s Civil Aviation Organization:

Iran defense doctrine is deterrence

President Hassan Rouhani stressing the need for strengthens and develops the country’s defense industry as part of the deterrence doctrine, said: “Our defense capability will never be used for invading any country, even a weak state. We are not for aggression.”

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Sun 24 - August 2014 - 11:36

President Rouhani made the remarks here on Sunday in a meeting with the managers of Iran’s Civil Aviation Organization.
President, however, warned against enemy threats against Iran and said, “We do not stand idle in the face of enemy threats and plots against our national sovereignty.”
“Islamic Republic’s strategy is effective defense;” said he, and that “Iran does not seek confrontation or interference with internal affairs of the other countries.”
Dr.Rouhani pointed to Iran’s military power as a capability to increase regional security and emphasized that with boosting military, “We do not seek an arms race, but we ourselves will make the necessary decisions to defend ourselves and we do not seek the permission of others in this regard.”
“Iran never seeks to obtain Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) or any other unconventional weapons, despite the fact that it is itself a victim of chemical attack; it rather wants a world without WMD,” noted Dr.Rouhani.
“Our military will secure the country and its neighbors,” added president Rouhani.
“Our neighbors should know that if we become powerful in defense industries, it is not merely for our own security, but it is for the security of the entire region,” Dr.Rouhani stated.

news id: 80095

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