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President’s speech in Ardebil province

Referring to the regional conditions, President Hassan Rouhani said while the region is suffering from instability and unrest especially in such places as Iraq and Syria and Muslims are killed in Palestine and Gaza by the Zionist bombs and bullets, Iran maintains its position as a firm and peaceful country.

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Wed 20 - August 2014 - 11:26

The president made the remarks on Wednesday while addressing the gathering of local people in the northwestern city of Ardebil.
Pointing out that he principally promised people that his government would cooperate with the world especially with “any country and nation who is friend of Iranians’ and respects our rights; Iranians will condemn any country and government which attacks Muslims."
He added that while cooperating with the world, Iranian officials act in accordance to the Leader’s guidance and support Iranian rights.
He stressed that Tehran has by now managed to destroy the structure of the illegal and wrong sanctions imposed on it by the enemies.
President said the inflation rate will drop to below 20 percent by the end of the current Iranian year (to end March 20, 2015).
He said the inflation rate stood at the critical point of 40 percent last year when he took office amid deep recession.
“Iran’s economy has been significantly improved a lot despite sanctions imposed upon Iran by the west; sanctions against Iran have been cracked and $ 7bn of Iran frozen money will have been released by November 2014,” said he.
He also pointed to the country’s improvements in automating, petrochemical and banking sector financial following removal of parts of sanctions.
President Rouhani also said Iran enjoyed very close relations with its neighboring countries.
He said Iran used its highly experienced and prominent diplomats in talks with world powers to defend the rights of the nation.
President Rouhani asserted that Iranian negotiators would safeguard the nation’s rights during nuclear talks with the world powers.
Dr.Rouhani further said that his cabinet cracked the structure of sanctions imposed on Iran with the public support and Leader’s guidance.
He hoped the two objectives of safeguarding nation’s nuclear rights and providing prosperity to it will be achieved simultaneously.
He expressed support for Faraji Dana, Minister of Science who is being impeached in the parliament, saying however that, the cabinet “will abide by the parliamentarians’ vote whatsoever it will be.”

news id: 79991

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