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President at the cabinet session:

The government has made long steps towards removing sanctions

President Hassan Rouhani said on Wednesday that this government has made long steps towards the removing of sanctions during last year.

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Wed 13 - August 2014 - 13:16

President Rouhani made the remarks at cabinet’s Wednesday morning session.
He said that the government has made some important steps towards domestic policy, cultural and social issues, especially the health and deal with important issues such as water shortages and environmental issues, as well as mining and industry boom, agriculture and services, during last year.
He expressed hopes to resolve the nuclear issue and removing illegal sanctions forever to establish closer relations with the world.
President Rouhani said his cabinet was the forerunner in listening to critics and no one is capable of reversing this approach.
He explained that the words and phrases he used during his recent remarks at foreign ministry were not meant to accuse the critics of government of being ˈcowardsˈ. The remarks addressed those people who were busy sabotaging and tarnishing the image of government.
He said such people should be aware that the government will not remain silent.
The President said based on Quranic teachings he was not supposed to surrender to pressures by those who are planning to violate the rights of the nation and national interests.

news id: 79876

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