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In Iran’s national economic event titled ‘Government’s Economic Policies to Control Inflation’ :

President hopes for one-digit inflation rate

President in a national event on Government’s Economic Policies to Control Inflation voiced his administration’s determination to move in line with policies to control inflation rate.

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Tue 12 - August 2014 - 12:05

President Rouhani made the remarks in Iran’s national economic event titled ‘Government’s Economic Policies to Control Inflation’ in Tehran on Tuesday.
He has hoped the country will experience single-digit inflation rate in two next year.
President mentioning that economic issues relate to foreign policy, social and cultural matters and all these make economy a complicated issue.
He pointed to the water issue and held that Iran is a dry country and professional plans have been compassed to save water sources.
The president noted that the government has made plans to spend minimum two billion dollars on anti-drought projects annually.
As for environment conditions, he referred to the numerous problems existing in the country like air pollution in big cities, the drying lagoons, tiny particles in the air and disappearing forests in Zagros Mountains.
He asserted that public health programs are among major policies of the government regarding public insurance and equipment of medical centers.
The President further outlined Iran’s present economic conditions and said the results of the policies and programs adopted in this regard will emerge in near future.
President said: “The world needs to know that the opportunity given by the Iranian nation is not endless, and we have already formulated our economic plans according to the status quo.”
“An agreement will be in everyone’s favor, because continuation of sanctions is detrimental to all and because the removal of sanctions would benefit all,” the president pointed out.

news id: 79855

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