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President at the conference of Iranian ambassadors and diplomats abroad:

Iran’s foreign policy and nuclear talks based on nation’s will

President Hassan Rouhani said on Monday that Iran’s foreign policy, nuclear talks and interaction with the world is based on nation’s will.

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Mon 11 - August 2014 - 12:25

President Rouhani made the remarks in a gathering of Iranian ambassadors and envoys overseas in Tehran.
He said: ˈForeign policy is part of the national policy or national strategy which includes domestic, economic, social, and cultural and security policies, ˈ he added we should move within its framework.
Noting that ˈpeople’s vote is the only source which gives political legitimacy to all authorities of the Islamic establishment with no exception, ˈ President Rouhani said, ˈThis is the will of nation which determines our path in foreign policy.ˈ
ˈPeople’s will and opinion is the source of making all decisions in Iran as people are the real owners of the country, ˈ President Rouhani stressed.
The President added that during Iranˈs 2013 presidential election, ˈpeople made a delicate and wise choice and told us they were tired of extremism and wanted moderation.
ˈPeople told us they disliked confrontation and wanted interaction with world countries. They said they didn’t want irrelevant domestic differences and were after national solidarity and reconciliation.ˈ
ˈPeople told us in coping with foreign countries we should start with a logical and courageous position and pursue long-term national interests.ˈ
President underling the true understanding for the win, and said that we will not win, if we do not have the true understanding of our power, the enemy ,region and the world’s condition.
Iran’s Foreign Ministry has the best diplomats in the world, ˈ said the President referring to the ˈveteran diplomats in the Ministry who are among the best not only in the region but in the world.ˈ
However, President Rouhani regretted, ˈThere are those who chant slogans but are politically coward. Whenever talks are to be held, there are certain people who tremble with fear. It is because they lack self-confidence and are politically coward.ˈ
He stressed, ˈIt is wrong to fear from interaction, negotiation and mutual understanding. Even it is wrong to fear from the heroic flexibility.
President Rouhani said that Iran seeks a win-win approach in negotiations and in all relations.
President Rouhani also referred to the nuclear talks between Iran and the five permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany said that Iran would continue “constructive interaction” with the world without ever backing down from its national rights.
President, however, reiterated that Iran will not retreat from its legitimate rights, underscoring that the country’s national interests are the “red line” in the negotiations.
“We seek closer relations with the world; however, we defend our rights, interests and national security,” he said.

news id: 79817

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