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President in the administrative council meeting in Charmahal and Bakhtiari province:

Iran will become one of the major investment centers in the region

President Hassan Rouhani said here on Thursday morning that Iran will become one of the major investment centers in the region.

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Thu 07 - August 2014 - 15:09

President Rouhani made the remarks addressing the administrative council meeting of this southwestern province.
Praising the idea of resistance economy initiated by the Supreme Leader, he stressed that the idea is aimed at telling big powers that ˈthey should not even think about imposing sanctions on the Iranian nation and this is possibleˈ.
He emphasized that everything including the economy, politics, culture and security should be resistance oriented.
Lauding the government’s foreign policy, he said the country’s relationship with its neighbors is far better than the past. ˈThe relation is very much better with some neighbors, but it is still not desirable with one or two others. Our relations with many of our neighbors have become closer and better.ˈ
President said that ˈno one can disgrace the clean administration by accusing it of rent-seeking behaviorˈ, he added such accusations cannot cover up their scandals.
President reiterated that the corruption of the past years cannot be washed up by making a hue and cry.
ˈThe government believes that by rent-seeking, corruption, nepotism, factionalism and tribalism one cannot run the state affairs, ˈ the President noted.
Stressing the importance of telling the truth, President Rouhani urged people not to trust any rumors.

news id: 79781

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