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President in a meeting with elites, war veterans and clerics of Charmahal and Bakhtiari province:

Iran is the biggest power in the region

President said that Iran is the biggest power in the region; he added if there were no strategies of the Supreme Leader, unity and sacrifice of the nation, the enemy would overcome the Muslim nation.

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Wed 06 - August 2014 - 23:54

President Hassan Rouhani who was in Charmahal and Bakhtiari Province on Wednesday, made the remarks in a meeting with the elites, war veterans and clerics of the province.
Dr.Rouhani underlined that Iran is the biggest power in the region, which is helping Iraq, Syria and Lebanon in fighting against terrorism and Palestinians in confrontation with the criminal Zionists.
Faith, resistance, unity, devotion and self-sacrifice are the sole options for our salvation, Dr.Rouhani stressed, adding that Iran, in spite of all its problems, is still the most powerful nation in the region.
President Rouhani said if we do not surrender those who want to interfere in domestic affairs of countries, we have continued the route of revolution and respected martyrs.
The president added the situation shows that we should be wise and take arrogant powers conspiracies toward Iran and the Middle East serious.
President Rouhani added that ulema and thinkers have a difficult task because the whole region of the Middle East has been the scene of tragic events.
President said the government relying on the support of the people and God will continue its path in the fields of foreign policy, nuclear issue, sanctions, backing the nation against terrorism, and supporting the oppressed nation against killers.

news id: 79746

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