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President addressing a gathering of people of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province:

Humiliating flexibility against great powers is forbidden

President Hassan Rouhani said that Iran is to exercise heroic flexibility; he added that as the Supreme leader said “Humiliating flexibility and surrender against great powers is forbidden”.

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Wed 06 - August 2014 - 13:14

The President made the remarks while addressing a gathering of people here in this southwestern city, Shahrekord on Wednesday.
He said that Iranians have resisted against the sanctions imposed upon the nation by west and that “Iranians have bravely showed 'heroic leniency' because any 'humiliating flexibility ' is prohibited.”
He said that based on Islamic teachings and tradition we negotiate and achieve our goals and rights by the help of God.
President Rouhani went on talking about ongoing war in Gaza and Palestinian resistance, “Gazans have won and gain victory and Iranians will and have always stayed besides all the oppressed people in Iraq, Lebanon, Syria and Palestine.”
“Iranian nation is always prepared to sacrifice for not only the country’s interests, but also for benefits of the whole Muslim world,” he said.
He stressed that the policies being pursued by the Islamic Republic of Iran today are different from those before.
He said his cabinet was proud of the fact that it has already taken basic preliminary steps in coping with the state affairs.
He said the measures taken to tackle issues in economic, foreign and domestic policies as well as cultural and social areas have been tangible and transparent.
President emphasized on improvements in national health services and also reduction of health services cost.
Furtehr he pointed to the matter of water and drought in Iran and said that 11th cabinet planned for constructing dams.
President Rouhani in further remarks praised the outstanding role the brave people of the province played in initiating and advancing the Constitutional Movement over a century ago.

news id: 79724

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