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Dr.Rouhani in a meeting with Lebanese Foreign Minister:

Regional crises' roots is Zionist regime crimes and occupation

President Rouhani here on Monday said that the policy of Islamic republic of Iran’s government is the establishment of peace, Justice and moderation, he added that conflict between nations and countries is not in benefit of human society.

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Mon 04 - August 2014 - 19:33

He made the remarks in a meeting with Lebanese Foreign Minister Gebran Basil.
He said injustice, intimidation and domination on others through occupation will not last long, adding that no group and region can follow the wrong path through aggression, occupation and violation of public rights.
President Rouhani said the Zionist regime over the past 66 years continued occupation and aggression in the Middle East and today, the origin of the regional intricacies is the regime’s occupation and aggressions.
He said that the fact that a nation is still left homeless out of home for long years is not acceptable.ˈFortunately, the people of Lebanon and Palestinian have through resistance given unforgettable lessons to the Zionist regime.ˈ
Noting that the Zionist regime falsely believes that it can be the final winner with two levers of military power and unconditional US support, President Rouhani said Zionists do not understand the simple issue that no one can continue with life in a region through terror and constant aggression.
Today, Zionists and their intelligence services are availed with other lever, which is formation of terrorist groups and their provocation to launch operations and get engaged in crimes in the region, the NAM President said the terrorist group superficially chant Islamic and religious slogans while they are far away from the realities of Islam.
ˈThe only way to confront occupation and terrorism in the region is unity, solidarity and cooperation among all countries in the face of the sinister phenomenon.ˈ
President Rouhani called on the Lebanese nation to exercise vigilance against enemy plots, while recalling importance of national unity and territorial integrity of Lebanon.
ˈWe are confident that Lebanese government and nation can overcome all problems through unity, resistance and perseverance so easily.ˈ
He said the Islamic Republic of Iran is supporter of any government and country that fights terrorism and occupation.
President Rouhani said one of our goals is opening the way to more sincere ties in the political, cultural and economic domains with regional states, including Lebanon.
The Lebanese Foreign Minister thanked Iran for holding the NAM emergency meeting on Gaza and said Lebanon stands by the Islamic Republic of Iran in the path of insistence on the principled stance.
He said, ˈWe believe no action but resistance will restore rights of the Palestinian nation.ˈ
ˈLebanese people favor peace and friendship and do not like using force; however, unfortunately, Zionist regime understand only the language of force and Lebanese people had during liberation of the southern Lebanon and the 2006 war, proved the issue which helped restoration of stability to Lebanon.ˈ
He lauded Iran’s positive role in countering the extremist and Takfiri groups and said, ˈI am confident that in light of firm will, peaceful co-existence and joint cooperation, we will be eventually victorious.ˈ
He said certain regional states provoke religious divide and have forgotten Zionist regime’s danger, which is regrettable.
Basel called for further expansion of Iran-Lebanon relations in all spheres.

news id: 79684

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