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President in a meeting of the Palestine Committee of the Non-Aligned Movement:

UN Security Council’s passiveness is obvious symbol of injustice

Dr.Hassan Rouhani on Monday in a meeting of the Palestine Committee of the Non-Aligned Movement referring to Gaza issue said that obvious symbol of injustice in the UN Security Council is that they have not reacted and stayed passive to the anti-human actions of the Zionists.

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Mon 04 - August 2014 - 12:31

President Rouhani reiterated that the Zionist regime has organized the killings of civilians in Gaza and continued that “Zionist regime has killed and injured tens of thousands of Gazans and displaced hundreds of thousands of people there while international community especially UN Security Council’s passiveness that closed their eyes and kept quiet against the anti-human actions of the Zionists. It makes the aggressive regime of Zionist to act more aggressively and violently. Its aggressions and violence needs prompt reaction by the international organizations to help the oppressed people in Gaza.”
President said: “The Zionist regime has put international laws, human rights and humanitarian laws aside and used the most modern munitions in an unequal war against Palestinians.”
He added that “Zionist regime has severely attacked Gazans, its army is a child killer army that continued genocide in Gaza, killing civilians there, destroying hospitals, schools, mosques and killed media and aid servers.”
President Rouhani underscored that as long as the US is collaborating with certain UNSC members in ignoring realities and defending oppressors at any price, there will be no hope for any improvements in the present situation.
He stressed that the current plight of Gazans is just part of an old-established approach by the Zionist regime to ignore the Palestinian identity of the nation by changing its demographic and geographic patterns.
President stressing on holding referendum in Palestine, said that confirming the nationˈs right for self-determination,returning of all displaced Gazans to their land and establishment of an integrated government of Palestinians with the Holy Qods as its capital after holding a referendum for its inhabitants can lead to establishment of peace in the region.
President Rouhani has called on the NAM (Non Aligned Movement) members to take prompt reaction to stop ongoing atrocities in Gaza and restoring the rights of the Palestinian nation.
President Hassan Rouhani hoped the NAM Palestine meeting would find a solution to help the ‘brave people of Palestine’ who have been oppressed by Zionists and solve the longest unsettled conflict of the contemporary world.

news id: 79650

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