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President in a gathering of people, government officials and envoys of Muslim countries attended by Supreme Leader:

Iran's strategy is peace and justice in the world and unity in the world of Islam

President Hassan Rouhani on Tuesday highlighting the crises in the region and in the world of Islam said that the strategy of Iran is peace and justice in the world and unity in the world of Islam.

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Tue 29 - July 2014 - 12:36

President Rouhani made the comments in a gathering of senior Iranian officials attended by Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei.
President said that there are “two filthy tumors” in the region and Muslim world which one of them bloodshed in the occupied territories and the other one murdering Muslims in the name of Islam. He analyses reveal that both tumors stem from the same origin.
Referring to the killings and attacks in the region, president Rouhani said that Muslims’ unity is the only way to tackle these problems.
He said that Islamic countries should establish peace and justice in the world and called on Muslims countries to outline peace and justice-seeking face of Islam in the world and distance from ignorance and prejudice.
“Today, the Islamic Republic of Iran is using all of its capabilities to establish security and stability, prevent bloodshed and restore fair justice to the region and will resist those dreaming of undermining Islam and Muslims,” said president Rouhani.
He added that the Iranian nation will continue its historic tasks on the path of unity and brotherhood under the guidelines of the Supreme Leader.

news id: 79603

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