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In a meeting with a gathering of clerics:

President calls for unity to solve problems

President Hassan Rouhani stressed that in the past 11 months his government with the guidelines of Supreme Leader has taken influential steps in the fields of economy, domestic policy, foreign policy ,cultural ,social and security issues.

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Sat 26 - July 2014 - 21:53

President Rouhani on Sunday in a meeting with clerics stressing on influential role of scholars in the victory of Islamic republic of Iran, said today governing the country and government's support are heavy responsibilities of the clergy.
Dr.Rouhani in further remarks pointed to Gaza resistance and said the resistance of Palestine and Gaza’s people is one of the effect and blessings of the Islamic Revolution and guidelines of late Imam Khomeini and supreme leader.
President referring to barbaric attacks of the Zionist regime against defenseless and innocent people of Gaza Strip, said during the last 20 days of war has come under the Gazans' missile attacks for the first time, Ben Gurion airport has been closed and over 4 millions of Israelis went to the basements for the first time to save themselves from the Palestinians' missile attacks.
President said that the morale of the Gaza people hasn’t changed since the start of this attack while many of them have been killed and injured but their resistance spirit has been kept in light of Islamic culture and Islamic Revolution and they have understood that one can go past every problem."

news id: 79557

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