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President in a meeting with a group of Iranian artists:

The owners of culture and politics are public servant

President Hassan Rouhani said on Friday that the owners of power, politics, culture and art are both public servants, and none of them should consider themselves as a guardian of people.

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Fri 25 - July 2014 - 22:01

The president said Iranians have always been a nation of anti violence and radicalism and the artists with their beautiful poems, films, sculpture and painting, should tell the whole world that this nation is a nation of peace, friendship and brotherhood.
President Rouhani said Iran is a country of culture and science which had Avicena, Razi, Hafiz and Ferdowsi and this is a matter of honor for us.
The president appreciated glorious participation of people on Quds Day rallies, said that Gaza events teach us to be united.
He continued if Islamic world and Iranian people want to get their wishes, they should be united.

news id: 79529

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