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President in a meeting with the Ulema of the Semnan province:

The solidarity of the country requires the national unity

President Rouhani stated that no military power can protect people from one country unless that there would be unity between the nation and the government officials.

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Wed 23 - July 2014 - 22:17

President Hassan Rouhani, speaking Wednesday night among scholars of the province of Semnan on regional crises including Iraq, said if there were unity, integrity and national unity in this country, a small armed group could never capture a part of the country and create problems for the Iraqi people and government.
He said that we must give hands for national cohesion and unity in the country, he has reiterated if there would be mutual trust between government and citizens in a country; we can have stability and security.
Referring the tragedy of the massacre of women and children by the mercenaries of the Zionist regime in Gaza, he denounced the mismanagement of the UN Security Council and other international organizations so-called "compassionate" to prevent the tragic events.
President Rouhani criticizing the differences and distances among Muslim peoples believed that unity, brotherhood and solidarity among the Muslim populations were factors that could resolve regional crises, including those relating to Islamic countries.

news id: 79475

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