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President calls for women and children’s active participation in Quds Day rallies / Quds Day should be turned to hatred day against the Zionist’s crimes

President Hassan Rouhani on Wednesday called for women and especially children’s active participation in the International Quds Day rallies to be held on the last Friday of the holy fasting month of Ramdan.

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Wed 23 - July 2014 - 14:10

President Hassan Rouhani made the remarks at the cabinet session.
President Rouhani calling for Muslim world’s unity against Zionist’s crimes, said that the continuation of these crimes due to lack of unity in the Islamic world.
Dr. Rouhani said that most of the victims of Zionist attacks on Gaza are Palestinian women and children therefore, it is necessary to Iranian women and children as solidarity with them participate actively in Quds Day rallies.
President added that if the Muslim world was governed by unity and alliance, a usurping regime did not dare to commit all this crimes in a limited territory during 17-days, it is unfortunate for the Islamic world, especially when there is no convenient way and tools to help the people of Gaza.
Dr.Rouhani referring to the bombs that led to the collective testimony of families in Gaza said that unfortunately, the reaction of the Muslim world was not suitable.
President Rouhani called for massive turnout in the International Quds Day rallies to show their unity, integrity, solidarity and protest to the Zionist Crimes.
President Rouhani said that Quds Day should be turned to the day of hatred against Zionist’s crimes, because the recent crimes and killings have become unbearable for all Muslims of the world.
President stressed that active participation in the rallies means more voices raised in support of the defenseless Palestinians.
President said that I have no doubt that aggressors will be defeated again and the oppressed people will achieve success.
Deploring the crimes against Muslims in Syria and Iraq, President Rouhani said that some groups are organized by certain powers to the massacre of the people and by false perceptions of the Koran and Islamic law; they disrupt the face of Islam.

news id: 79462

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