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President at the cabinet session:

Government powerfully tries to maintain peace and happiness and reduce suffering of people

President here on Sunday at the cabinet session expressed outrage at Zionist regime crimes against humanity in Gaza.

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Sun 20 - July 2014 - 19:58

President Rouhani said Iranian government and foreign ministry will draw attention of the international community to what is going on in Gaza.
He said that the disproportionate bombardment of the civilian targets in Gaza account for crimes against humanity and the war crimes.
He said that the Islamic Republic of Iran as the current leader of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) protests against creating bloodbath in Gaza by the Zionist regime's leaders.
ˈMore important than extensive ground and air raids on the defenseless people of Gaza is the global silence against the humanitarian catastrophe and that the so-called civilized governments have kept silent toward the state terrorism.ˈ
He said all members of a family being the target of tank shells and mutilated is not at all tolerable and believable.
He dismissed the Zionist regime' pretexts to the wide scale massacre of the Palestinians and accused the Zionist regime leaders of pursuing ethnic cleansing in Gaza.
ˈGlobal reactions unfortunately reveal that the western governments and many Arab and Muslim governments have kept silent toward the crimes or their reactions fall short of the extent of the catastrophe underway in Gaza Strip.ˈ

news id: 79381

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