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Dr.Rouhani at the 22nd international Holy Quran Exhibition:

The Muslim world plight due to the separation of Quran culture

President Hassan Rouhani said that a major factor in the plight of Muslims and the Muslim world is as a result of the separation of Quran culture.

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Sun 13 - July 2014 - 08:44

He added that if today extremism and violence has destroyed unity among Muslims in the Muslim world, it is due the separation of Quran culture and the holy Quran is the main factor in Muslim’s unity.
Dr.Hassan Rouhani made the remarks at the 22nd international Holy Quran Exhibition on Saturday.
President said that today for killing a Jew in occupied Palestine the people will be slaughtered.
President said that it is possible that in understanding and interpretation of the verse of the Holy Quran there will be different comments but fortunately, there is no disagreement in the principle of Quran, and Quran is the biggest factor to unite the Muslims.

news id: 79226

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