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In letters to heads of Muslim countries:

President calls on Muslim countries to help Palestinians in Gaza

President Hassan Rouhani issued a letter and called on heads of Muslim countries to do their best for an immediate end of blockade in Gaza Strip. He asked Muslims to help the oppressed people of Palestine saying that unity of Muslim countries against the enemies a vital matter at this stage.

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Fri 11 - July 2014 - 12:49

Dr.Rouhani made hints to the recent attacks and aggressive actions by atrocious Zionist regime in the besieged Gaza, said unity of Muslim countries against the enemies, at this juncture is vital.
“The continuation of the cruel siege of Gaza and the dire lack of medical supplies [in the area] are worrying and could lead to a major humanitarian catastrophe,” added president Rouhani.
“Helping the oppressed Palestinian people and preventing the aggressive acts of the Zionist regime are the shared responsibility of all international institutions and the world’s freedom-seeking countries,” Dr.Rouhani added.
The president has emphasized that helping the oppressed people of Palestine and preventing the Zionist regime from committing its atrocities are the common responsibility of all international organizations and freedom-loving countries of the world.
Referring to the ˈheroicˈ and ˈlegitimateˈ resistance of the people and resistance groups in Palestine,
President Rouhani said, undoubtedly, the resilient and great nation of Palestine, with its indomitable will, will once again defeat the Zionist regime.

news id: 79167

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