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On a ceremony to mark the National Day of Industry and Mine, Dr.Hassan Rouhani addressed the meeting, saying that geographical factors provided some countries to accelerate the industrialization pace due to land and sea borders; since they could easily connect with other countries. “Others industrialized due to their natural resources, and some others for their human development and massive industrial infrastructure; Iran enjoys all these factors,” Dr.Rouhani added.

Tue 01 - July 2014 - 13:25

President Rouhani criticized the lack of competitive environment in countries industries, making the rhetorical question that why after so many years, say, 40-50 years, “our industries are too weak to compete with international industrial giants.”
He congratulated National Day for Industry and Mine and dubbed it day for producers, industrial actives, job innovators who make great efforts to help the country on more progress.
Dr.Rouhani said that supporting industrial units without competitive environment could be destructive and added that “we need social capital and should remain hopeful that security and stability would reign in the future.”
On the nuclear negotiations and sanctions imposed upon Iran by West, Rouhani said that negotiations would continue with Iranians’ national interests and dignity to be upheld. “Iranian negotiators have enough expertise to express Iran’s views in the talks between Iran and the six major powers of the world,” said he.
Sanctions have already been eased and Tehran is committed to reach a conclusion out of its nuclear talks with the world powers, president added.
He promised to facilitate private sectorsˈ interactions with the world and support their investment.
Referring to the investorsˈ problems during the eight years of hardliner Mahmoud Ahmadinejadˈs presidency, Dr.Rouhani noted that its administration is keen to open a new chapter in government’s collaboration with the private sectors.
President Rouhani pointed to the geopolitical situation of Iran as well as its rich natural resources, underlining that the government is determined to reduce inflation rate and make an economic boom.
Addressing the “We Are Concerned” group, he said ˈI assure those who are concerned that Foreign Ministryˈs nuclear negotiating team is enough experienced and capable of defending the nation’s rights.ˈ
President Rouhani underlined that the international sanctions regime has crumbled and will not be rebuilt even if Iran and G5+1 fail to reach a final nuclear deal by July 20 deadline.
Sanctions have already eased and Tehran is committed to make a result out of its nuclear talks with the world powers, the President added.
The government has signaled its desire for having better relations with the neighbors and except for one or two, all neighboring countries have welcomed Tehran’s call for bolstering ties, President added.
He underlined that friendly relations among regional countries would benefit all and they should increase cooperation to secure regional stability.
No country will benefit from spread of extremism, violence or interference in other countriesˈ internal affairs, the President underscored.
He referred to the high inflation rate in the country, asserting that Iran has already taken initial steps to control inflation and break recession in various sectors including the auto manufacturing, steel, petrochemicals and home appliances.
Ministry of Petroleum has taken major steps to increase gas and oil output and will continue the efforts to complete four more phases of South Pars Oil Field by end of current Iranian calendar year (to end March 20, 2015), the President said.
He noted that multinational companies are welcomed to invest in Iran on the condition of transfer of new technologies.
President Hassan Rouhani honored several top elites of industry and mines sector at a ceremony marking Industry and Mines Day at Tehran’s Islamic Summit Conference Hall.

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