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Dr.Rouhani in a phone call with Qatari Emir:

Terrorists should know gone is era of genocide, terrorism

President Hassan Rouhani In a phone call with Qatari Emir Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Bin Khalif al-Thani, emphasizing on Sunday the need for cooperation among regional states for campaign against terrorism and insecurity, said that terrorists should know that gone is the era of genocide and terrorism.

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Sun 29 - June 2014 - 18:24

ˈI hope terrorists would absolutely understand the will of Muslim governments of the region for campaign against terrorism and know that our age is not the age of genocide and terrorism.ˈ
He congratulated the Qatari Emir on the advent of the auspicious month of Ramadan and wished establishment of peace and security around the Muslim World.
He touched on regional developments and said Iran and Qatar can launch constructive efforts for restoration of peace and stability in the region through mutual cooperation.
He regretted escalation of terrorism in the region, including Iraq, and said extremism and terrorism are the big problem for all regional states.
ˈTo get rid of terrorism, the regional Muslim people should join hands and cooperate.ˈ
The president said that to establish stability and tranquility, regional states can help each other through dialogue, brotherhood and friendship.
The president said that escalation of terrorism in the region only benefits Zionist regime and the enemies of the Muslim World.
ˈWe are ready to join hands with all the brotherly countries in the region and thwart the flaws to security and stability to restore peace and calm in our sensitive region, ˈ President Rouhani said.
The Qatari Emir said, ˈWe condemn terrorism and genocide and we should join hands to remove terrorism and genocide for whatever reason. All should cooperate to counter terrorism because the current crisis is very dangerous and its continuation would be against interests of all of us in the region.ˈ
He underlined that enemies of the Muslim Ummah are the ones benefiting from terrorism and the crises.
ˈSo, it is necessary to cooperate with each other to thwart the plots and resolve the humanitarian crisis in the region. It is the responsibility for all of us.ˈ

news id: 78976

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