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President in a meeting with New Chinese Ambassador:

Tehran evaluate expansion of ties with Beijing

In a meeting with new Chinese ambassador to Tehran, President Hassan Rouhani said that Tehran highly evaluate expansion of relations with Beijing.

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Mon 23 - June 2014 - 13:29

President pointed to the long relations of both post-Revolutionary years and said that China was helpful when sanctions were imposed upon Iran.
Tehran is committed to increase all out ties with Beijing, president said. “Iran and China have had cooperation in different fields such as peaceful nuclear technology and today we want the Chinese to cooperate more in negotiations between Iran and world major powers,” said he, and that “we call China to make all efforts to implement the agreements to build IT Park and trade.”
Referring to upcoming trip to Tehran of Chinese President Xi Jinping, he called the visit a breakthrough in the two countriesˈ bilateral relations.
Lauding chinaˈs support for Iran during the past three decades of foreign sanctions and pressures, president Rouhani noted that Beijing plays a crucial role in the ongoing nuclear talks between Tehran and G5+1.
He called for the implementation of bilateral deals regarding energy and finance agreements as well as the revival of Silk Road and establishment of IT cities.
Dr.Rouhani asserted that “Iranian experts are willing to cooperate with Chinese to make oil and gas tankers and refineries.”
He added that Chinese companies were eager to invest in Iranian coasts of Chabahar and Jask; “connecting Chabahar coasts in Iran to Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, and to China can be a way to expand cooperation among the countries,” said Dr.Rouhani.
The new Chinese envoy to Tehran presented his credentials to the Iranian President and for his part welcomed the expansion of bilateral all-out ties.
He said the two countries share identical stands regarding many international developments.
China supports Iranˈs right for peaceful use of nuclear energy and it is opposed to unilateral sanctions against independent states, he noted.He concluded that Beijing is against forcing countries to accept obligations beyond the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) rules and regulations.

news id: 78847

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