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President at the press conference with participation of domestic and foreign reporters

President Hassan Rouhani said Saturday that he has met no American priest or monk who had brought him a message from US President Barack Obama.

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Sat 14 - June 2014 - 12:53

He made the remarks during his second televised press conference which was held here with participation of over 200 domestic and foreign reporters and photographers.
ˈI have met no priest or monk with a message. But to make it clear for all, I should say, if a message is to be exchanged between me and Mr. Obama, it will not be complicated. He will write a letter and I will do the same, ˈ said the President.
He said in the first days of his victory as Iran’s seventh president in 2013, President Obama had sent him a letter, adding, ˈI replied and then I sent him a message that he answered me.ˈ
He reiterated that the two had no problem in exchanging letters. ˈThere are many easy official and non-official ways to do that. Presently, Iranian negotiators are in talks with the officials of US Department of State, ˈ said the President.
ˈI neither received by nor sent a message to a monk or whoever you meant, ˈ the President noted.
President said that Iran will continue its enrichment activity and there is no argument about it.
ˈIn our talks with the Group 5+1, there are two issues on which no disagreement exists between the two sides. One is that Iran will continue its enrichment activities and the other is that after reaching a final deal, all sanctions against Iran must be removed.ˈ
President Rouhani stressed that no one should even imagine Iran halting its enrichment activities.
ˈYou should notice that Iran enjoys a completely different status today compared to its previous position at regional and international levels.ˈ
He reiterated that Tehran is serious in its talks with the Group 5+1.
Noting that the present talks between the two sides were based on a win-win basis, President Rouhani said, ˈIf the talks fail, both sides will be the losers. I believe the other side is more in need of reaching a final agreement with Iran. We will continue our path anyway.ˈ
President said that reaching a final nuclear agreement with the Group 5+1 is likely within the next five weeks should the other side prove good will.
ˈThe final agreement is one of the biggest political agreements both at regional and international levels and has serious enemies, ˈ said the President.
Final agreement with the Group 5+1 will benefit the region and the entire world, President Rouhani stressed, adding that it would be also in favor of development and Iran.
President has dismissed reports about the deployment of Iranian forces in Iraq, but expressed Tehran’s preparedness to provide any help upon Baghdad’s request to fight the Takfiri militants.
“The issue of Iranian forces’ engagement [in Iraq] has not been raised so far,” said Dr.Rouhani.
Except for providing consultations in certain cases, Dr.Rouhani stressed, Iran will not engage in any military operations in other countries.
“If Iraq wants any help from us, we will study it. There has been no request from us so far. We are prepared to provide any assistance but within the framework of international law and based on the Iraqi people’s demands,” he pointed out.
President also dismissed reports about ongoing cooperation between Iran and the US over the crisis in Iraq, saying, “The Americans may also want to help, but I haven’t received any word on that so far.”
Dr.Rouhani also warned Takfiri groups against conducting any terrorist operations near the Iranian borders, saying, “If any terrorist group wants to get close to our borders and we feel the threat, we will definitely respond with every possible means.”
Asked by BBC correspondent about Tehranˈs stance on the terrorist Daesh group (the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant), he noted that terrorists are angry with the democratic approach in Syria and Iraq.
Iran is deeply concerned over the spread of terrorism in the world and this is the reason why Tehran proposed the World Against Violence and Extremism (WAVE) at the 68th session of the UN General Assembly in New York, President Rouhani added.
Regretting that the terrorist groups are backed by certain states, he said they should know that terrorists, one day, will turn their gun towards them.
Tehran will defend its borders against any types of assaults, but no Iranian force is involved in Iraqˈs war against terrorism, the President said.
Asked about the subsidies cut program in Iran, he noted that the plan can help the government increase public services in various fields and improve manufacturing sector.
President Rouhani underlined that the government has prepared the blueprint of civil rights charter and would continue its effort to finalize it.
He reiterated that his administration includes all moderate individuals from different parties.
President predicted an economic boom for the country and declared the countryˈs preparedness to facilitate foreign investment.
Success of Iran-G5+1 nuclear talks can ease sanctions and facilitate investment in Iran, he noted.
Government does not see any negative points in the resolution of Iran-G5+1 nuclear stand-off but decrease of unemployment and economic boom, the president added.
Replying to a question regarding Iranian frozen assets abroad, Dr.Rouhani noted that all Iranian assets, supposed to be freed based on the Geneva interim nuclear deal have been already released.
He asserted that removal of sanctions is not the final solution to the countryˈs economic problems but it can help accelerate progress.
Even if the sanctions are not lifted, the countryˈs economic and diplomatic progress would continue, the president added.
He underlined that Iran is committed to have constructive relations with the world and cooperation with the G5+1 in nuclear talks is just part of this doctrine.
Referring to the travel of 10 high ranking officials from Iranˈs neighboring countries to Iran since the incumbent government came to power, he called Iranˈs ties with its neighbors as an example of good neighborliness.
President pointed to Iran-Turkey decision to increase the current 15 billion dollar trade exchange to 30 billion dollars and noted that Tehran through its active diplomacy has already cracked the ‘wall of sanctions’.
Anti-Iranian sanctions which have already been eased will not be back to their previous track and Tehran would continue to increase its oil output and exports, he added.
The President underlined that foreign investors are welcomed and they know very well that Iran has incomparable potentials including high gas and oil reserves and a outstanding geopolitical transit position.
Iran has the potential to absorb 200 billion dollars worth of investments, President Rouhani added.
Iranˈs image in the international community has improved to a large exent Tehranˈs relations with the world is different from those in the past, he said.

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