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President at Press confab:

June 24, 2013 presidential election a great ˈNoˈ to domestic and foreign extremists

President Hassan Rouhani said on Saturday that Iran’s last year presidential election was in fact a big ˈNoˈ to domestic and foreign extremists.

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Sat 14 - June 2014 - 11:41

The President made the remarks during a televised press conference which began here on Saturday.
President said:"The June 2013 election restored the public confidence [on the Islamic Republic] and was a great social capital."
ˈIf the ultimate objective of those who imposed sanctions on Iran was to divide people from the Islamic Republic system, on June 14, 2013, Iranians announced the world community that they could not be separated from their country and the system.ˈ
The President said during the last yearˈs presidential election, Iranians participated in a significant and determining election. ˈThey trusted the Islamic establishment.ˈ
"People invested their confidence, first on their vote and second to the Islamic system. if a nation spared their confidence to a government, it would not queue before the ballot boxes from the early morning to cast its vote and to await for the result of election," added Dr.Rouhani.
"Our people invested their confidence on the path by their elected leader; the majority voted for hope and prudence; their vote indicated that they believed in this path and that in the current circumstances, the best path was path of moderation and avoiding extremism. And that this would guarantee the future of Iranian people and their national prestige and glory."
"Through elections, people showed the world that threats and pressures would not deflect them from their true path to seeking higher ideals; although the sanctions may intend to create a gap between the nation and the system but people bridged this gap in the elections through their votes."
President Rouhani asserted that June 2013 elections had a great message to extremists, both insiders and outsiders; "Outsiders would imagine to defeat a nation through threat and pressures; insider extremists, on the other hand, would think that they had the support of many, and that they would roam through the country on their violence machinery."
"It was a great 'no' to both of these players; it had at the same time an international message of peace and cooperation with the world in a route leading to moderation and working in harmony with international community," Dr.Rouhani told the press.
He added that during Iranˈs presidential election in 2013, the Iranian nation was to announce the global community that pressures, threats and sanctions could not prevent them from continuing their right path.
The press conference is being held on the occasion of the first anniversary of his election as the chief executive of the country.
The press conference will be aired live by domestic and foreign TV networks.

news id: 78584

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