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President in a meeting with Turkish businessmen and traders:

Great opportunities for Turkish investors in Iran / two governments are determined to remove obstacles from the path of private sector

The President, in the presence of members of Turkish businessmen and traders, said that Turkish and Iranian leaders are firmly committed to the development of comprehensive relations between the two countries.

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Tue 10 - June 2014 - 17:10

President Rouhani on Tuesday among traders and Turkish businessmen described Iran as the bridge to tie Turkey to the Far East and Turkey as a bridge to connect Iran Europe and these two bridges are realized by the will of private sector
He said, "I invite you to take advantage of these opportunities to build relationships and serve the people of both nations
He said that the cultural affinities are resources for the expansion of Tehran-Ankara relations and these other countries have the same interest for the development.
Describing banking, transport and infrastructure as joint investment relations, President Rouhani said that we currently planning a railroad tie to Iran and China and pave the ways attach the Persian Gulf and the Arabian Sea to the Black Sea and the Mediterranean.
Expressing dissatisfaction with the value of current trade, he announced the intention of both countries to double the volume of trade, and he also urged the traders to support the implementation of these plans.
In another part, making allusion to the unjust sanctions adopted by Western countries against the Iranian nation, President Rouhani reiterated that the government is trying to remove the unjust sanctions by negotiations and dialogue, and negotiation G5 + 1, was the first step to show the world that Iran is seeking nuclear technology for peaceful purposes.
The President highlighted the support of the Turkish government in international organizations.

news id: 78503

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