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President described achievements of his two-day visit to Turkey

President Hassan Rouhani said on Tuesday that Supreme Strategic Cooperation Council has been formed for the first time ever in history of Iran and Turkey.

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Tue 10 - June 2014 - 20:59

ˈThe Iran-Turkey Supreme Council on Strategic Cooperation, comprising members of the two countriesˈ cabinet ministers, has been formed for the first time ever in history of bilateral relations,ˈ Dr.Rouhani told reporters after concluding his two-day visit to Turkey.
Dr.Rouhani said various subjects regarding bilateral relations were discussed in the Council meeting.
He underlined that the two countriesˈ will is based on expansion of bilateral relations and raising the ceiling of mutual cooperation to about twice the current level. “It was the first official visit by an Iranian government official in last 18 years. It was long overdue, which was realized within two days,” said the president, “in doing so, we had extensive meetings with Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and President Abdullah Gül Where we agreed to improve the current level of cooperation.”
“The ministers also meet to discuss bilateral matters of interest,” added Dr.Rouhani, “they discussed increasing Iran’s share of energy including electricity, oil, and gas in Turkish market.”
“Investment by Iranian businessman in Turkey was a subject of discussion. We believe that the meeting was unique, since it was a plenary meeting of both countries’ heads of chambers of commerce and ministers,” he added.
President also told reporters in the airport that good decisions had been made about railroad via Bazargan border post. “Both countries had similar positions on fighting violence and extremism and total disarmament of the region; since it was important in international level,”Dr.Rouhani asserted.
A group of 90 businessmen and entrepreneurs were among the delegation to Turkey.

news id: 78492

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