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At the joint meeting of high- ranking delegations of Iran and Turkey:

Iran and Turkey strong will to remove all obstacles to expansion bilateral ties

The presidents of both countries have described the importance of the relations between Iran and Turkey and even the region, noting the willingness of Iran and Turkey to remove all obstacles to expansion of relations with each other.

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Tue 10 - June 2014 - 10:05

At the joint meeting of high-ranking delegations of Iran and Turkey, Private entrepreneurs of the two countries should maintain close relations with each other, as it there is potential for joint activities in the private sector of Iran and Turkey.
On regional issues, President Rouhani said that Iran is ready to cooperate with Turkey to reach the most appropriate results.
I am sure that the cooperation of two countries to solve problems in Iraq, North Africa, the Middle East and the release of Jerusalem and the return of Palestinians to the soil, will have a positive and constructive impacted on the region and its evolution, he has said.
Dr.Rouhani added that the Indian and Turkish nations still seek peace and security and in this regard, fighting against extremism and violence, we must try to present the divine face of Islam in the world.
Abdullah Gul, for his part, stressed many capacities for expansion of cooperation of two countries reiterated that the economy of Iran and Turkey is very close to each other, therefore, the development bilateral relations, especially in the economic field is even more important.
He expressed hopes that the next meeting of Dr.Rouhani with private entrepreneurs in Turkey
will provide the fields of private sector economic cooperation between Iran and Turkey.
He added that Promoting trade volume of two countries to $ 30 billion is an achievable goal in the next year.

news id: 78404

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