Need to boost the feeling of national pride

President Hassan Rouhani stressed in his Sunday evening cabinet meeting here on need to boost the feeling of national pride

Mon 09 - June 2014 - 07:59

“Sports, and particularly football, are pride inspiring for a major part of the society, especially for the young generation, and the people expect their national football team to play well, observe the rules of fair-paly, be gallant and technical in the field, and meanwhile good tempered and ethical, and briefly speaking, respectable representatives of Iran, belief in God, and Islamic values,” he said.
In the cabinet meeting which was mainly allocated to sport events, the president meanwhile praised the recent victories of the national Iranian volleyball and wrestling teams, considering them effective factors in encouraging the people to get engaged more than before in sports activities themselves.
“Furthermore, such victories boost the feeling of national pride, which is a necessity for increasing the feeling of jubilance and advancement in the country,” added President Rouhani.
President Rouhani’s comments on sports and the youth were made after his Sports and Youth Minister Mahmoud Goudarzi presented a report on Iranian national football team’s satisfactory file for presence in the 2014 Brazil World Cup to the cabinet ministers.
The president then appreciated the Sports and Youth Ministry, the Foreign Ministry, and the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB), as well as all the Iranian national teams’ players, coaches and technical staffs which have played and are still playing effective roles in achieving victories for Iran.
He said that doing sports is an important factor in raising a healthy young generation, free from all types of social and ethical vices, and in boosting the spirit of national pride and vivaciousness as well as contributing to the country’s advancement and prosperity.
President Rouhani said that good performance in sports fields, side by side with such significant events in the Iranian history as the Islamic Revolution itself and the great scientific and literary personalities in the glorious history of this country, play roles in boosting the feeling of national self-confidence.
Among the other issues focused during the Sunday evening cabinet meeting there was taking optimum usage of the country’s lands, for which the president commissioned his planning vice president to arrange programs and see into their implementation.

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