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President in a meeting of environmental activists:

Some environmental problems go beyond political boundaries

President Hassan Rouhani said on Saturday that his government gives priority to settlement of environmental problems.

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Sat 31 - May 2014 - 15:46

Dr.Hassan Rouhani on Saturday who was addressing a meeting of environmental activists and NGOs days ahead of World Environment Day in June 5 Rouhani said that the government would only act to improve economic growth. “In the economy, the same rule applies; that is, the government should eliminate the barriers from the path of the public in an attempt to provide a framework of future economy,” he asserted, and that “in industry, the public should be bestowed the full control and the government should support these actors for an accelerated growth.”
President said that there was once upon a time that the environment was regarded as mere a ceremonial role; “in the past, authorities had not come to the fact of environment being of importance; however, over time, they found the importance of environment as they faced the issues,” he added.
He also called for preservation of Urumiyeh and Hamoun lakes which are drying up.
Dr.Rouhani pointed to air pollution in metropolitan cities. “The case of Urmia Lake is not only the issue for two provinces of East and West Azerbaijan, but it is an issue for the whole country.
President Rouhani reiterated that resolving environmental problems requires culture building.
He highlighted the responsibility of the Iran’s state TV and the other news media on improving the public culture on respecting their health and environment. “We should weigh the public accurately and bestow them the job. We should only provide the means and facilities for public to work and go forward,” he demanded.
President stressed that some environmental problems go beyond political boundaries.
In this regard, the government has also taken serious steps in the meetings I have had with the Prime Minister of Iraq and Afghan President, besides the political and international issues, a significant part of the discussions I've devoted to environmental issues.
President Hassan Rouhani in a ceremony on Saturday honored four environmentalists.

news id: 78078

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