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President in a meeting with ranking officials of the Ministry of Road and Urban Development:

Public interest is in a win - win agreement

President Hassan Rouhani here on Monday expressed hope that the current Iranian year (started March 21, 2014) would be the year of economic well-being.

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Mon 19 - May 2014 - 13:39

President Rouhani made the remarks in a meeting with ranking officials of the Ministry of Road and Urban Development.
He said that government is determined to take positive steps in different sectors to bring about economic prosperity.
president noted that the roads and urban development ministry plays a major role to this end, as it can create jobs and bring about changes by preparing the necessary infrastructures.
President pointed to the need for the expansion of the country's railway network, and said, "We should work on linking the country's railway network to the neighboring countries."
President Rouhani said among the moves that the ministry can make to help advance towards the goal of economic prosperity is construction of double-track railways and electrifying them as such projects will help link Iran's railway network to the neighboring countries.
Referring to Iran's geopolitical position in the development of roads and establishing air routes, President stressed on need for efforts to promote Iran’s position in transport and international transit.
President pointed to the status quo of the country's passenger air fleet, and said, "The number of passenger seats on Iranian planes is not sufficient and we should work to strengthen this sector and renovate the air fleet."
President Rouhani underlined that his government is looking for constructive interaction with the world, and said, "Today we have many capabilities for partnering in the construction of houses in the neighboring countries and the country's private sector should become active in this field."
He added that his government was mobilizing efforts to promote Iran’s position to what it really deserves in the global arena.
President Rouhani pointing to P5+1 talks said that Public interest is in a win - win agreement
Dr.Rouhani has said Iran and Powers' negotiations on Tehran nuclear program would success at the end, 'although there are difficulties on the process.'
said "the Islamic Republic of Iran has never intended to tell lies and seeks to gain peaceful nuclear technology and will pursue it as a indisputable right for Iranians, it also wants a deal on Tehran nuclear program which benefits all.”
He added that Iranians had never been afraid of the sanctions and would resist against any hardship but ‘important matters for the government are public and Revolution interests in addition to national security.’Regarding ‘capital transfer’ issue Dr.Rouhani told the ministry officials that “proper places should be located to establish new cities and also political burden should be removed from Tehran to other cities.”

news id: 77584

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